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Our Latest Review

September 22, 2015

Budget Construction
Attn: Donald Schneider
5334 N Kedzie Ave
Chicago, IL 60625

Dear Mr. Schneider:

I am writing to express my gratitude and utter satisfaction of the service provided by your company. From the beginning, my experience with Budget was comfortable and friendly. I originally set up a home visit with Michael Rose for a no cost estimate.   Michael sat with me and we hammered out a “Dream” bathroom with an estimated cost of $20,000.00. After coming to my senses, I called to cancel. Michael tried to discourage me and although I have good credit, I’m no fool (my house in the current market is about that much). I came across an Angie’s List Deal and thought I could save money and get what I wanted through the “Big Deal”. Over a period of seven days, two people worked to demolish the bathroom; one electrician and one plumber came 2-3 times over that same period. There was no consistent start or quit time and on the seventh day they walked off the job. I was livid and desperate for help.

I called Budget again and spoke with Michael, after the obligatory “I told you so”; we mapped out a sensible plan over the phone. Michael sent Mario to scope out the project, he immediately found issues with the plumbing and electrical work done by the other guys, and Mike called back with a price. I still thought the cost was too much, but you get what you pay for (I’d just learned that lesson). Being from Chicago, I know that Budget has been around for a long time and I respect that.

Mario called back and told me that work would begin in three days and he will send Gregory. I was apprehensive, after all, there had been four men working on the project and now there was just one.

I couldn’t be home, so I had a cousin stay and watch over the project. Gregorio came and went consistently at the same time each day. After his very first day, I was impressed; he fixed the wiring and the plumbing and I had three walls!  From there it was a whirlwind of activity all by this one guy! It was apparent that Gregory takes great pride in his work.  He was very meticulous about every aspect of the work he put into my bathroom.  The man really knows his stuff; he’s a master of all trades! He did the carpentry, painting, plumbing, electricity, tiling all in five days. My bathroom is AMAZING! (Pictures are attached).

I just had to write and let you know in case you didn’t… you have a great team !

Mario kept in constant contact with me, to go over what was done and what to expect next. Michael came to my job so that I could finalize the paperwork! Gregory is a one-man powerhouse! Please see the examples of his work attached.

I don’t want to leave out Rosa and Venus; they were gracious and professional too.

I am extremely happy… and you can’t put a price on that!

Thank you, Budget Construction!