The Best Way to Determine Your New Deck Cost

One of the most valuable outdoor improvements you can make to your home is a deck addition, but like many other exterior home remodeling projects, the final decision should only be made after careful consideration. Since 1976, Budget Construction Company has been one of the top rated home improvement companies in all of Chicago, IL and prides itself on the affordability and unique designs of its award-winning decks.

Patio and garden of family home at summer

Tips for Estimating Your New Deck Addition

Besides enlarging your usable outdoor living area, a high quality deck also will improve the long-term value and attractiveness of your home for years to come. But above all else, your new deck has to meet your needs and fit within your budget. Many factors contribute to the cost of new deck construction, including square footage, materials, and deck accessories. Our design team can help you understand the best ways to maximize your budget, but also recommend you consider the following:

The size of the deck determines price. Inexpensive treated lumber may cost about $6 to $8 per square foot, so a 10 x 10 foot deck – 100 square feet – could be anywhere from $600 to $800 before adding in labor or accessories.
The type of building material you choose. Decks are always built with treated lumber, and while Southern yellow pine is typically the least expensive, more well-known or exotic species such as top-of-the-line redwood, mahogany, or Brazilian Ipe hardwood could cost several times that much. At Budget Construction Company, our expertly crafted decks utilize a wide variety of wood species, not to mention alternative deck materials, including TREX and other wood-composites.
Deck cost also is driven by design. A flat, ground-level deck is the least expensive design you can choose, but adding multi-levels with multiple entry and exit points will add to the price. For this reason, we encourage homeowners to know what designs they are most interested in before asking for an estimate.

Final Thoughts

Decks are no longer just for increasing usable outdoor living space, but also for enhancing a home’s overall appearance and making a design statement. Many customers accessorize their new deck addition with built-in cooking areas and entertainment components, a pergola, hot tubs, and even custom, all-weather furniture. Contact us today at 773-283-9200 and ask how you can receive 10 percent off your new deck addition or enclosed porch.

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