So you are ready to add an addition to your home? Congratulations! This is a huge opportunity to completely transform the look, flow, feel, and value of what is probably one of the biggest investments in your life. We don’t want to make the process sound intimidating, but just underline how important it is to work with the right team to ensure the end result is perfect! We have built countless additions for many years and our long list of satisfied customers should be enough to convince anyone that BUDGET CONSTRUCTION is your perfect choice!

Different types of additions

Basically, an addition will add a room or rooms on to your existing house. That sounds pretty simple, but keep in mind that it will also need to be integrated to all of your current systems such as heating/cooling, electrical, and perhaps plumbing as well. The footprint of your house may change, and you will add square footage.

The smaller-scale end of home additions would be adding on a sun-porch or partially extending part of a roof to create a dormer. They can grow in complexity up through room additions and even adding a second floor.

If you are considering an addition for your home and are reading this page, you probably have some idea of what you are looking for. Great! Now you need a team of experts to help walk you through all the various options, guide the plan into the execution stage, and make sure everything comes out as expected at the end. We hope you will consider Budget Construction as your partner in this home addition project. Please scroll through the pictures we have provided on our website that document the many successful projects we have completed over the years. Our expert design team works with your goals and visions to develop an outline that our build team takes from the page/screen into the real world!

Oftentimes our customers will embark on a home addition as part of a kitchen or bathroom renovation. In past blogs we have talked about those subjects and we encourage you to take a look at them as well. In this case you are really creating a whole new room, to add space, light, and functionality – but you still need to seamlessly integrate the whole project into the existing home!

Another aspect to keep in mind with a home addition is you will want it to not only blend seamlessly into your existing home on the inside, but on the outside as well. When viewed from the street, ideally the addition will look like it has always been part of the house. This is an important part that our design team contributes as well – our experience over the years has helped us to make the addition a real part of the home.

We are always excited to discuss home additions with our customers and welcome your questions. The sky really is the limit when it comes to home additions, and the most importance call you can make is to the team who will help you out. Contact Budget Construction today!

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