When it comes to remodeling or updating rooms in your home, many people would think of doing the kitchen first. This makes good sense as we talked about in our last blog on kitchen remodeling. However, don’t overlook the bathroom! It is very likely one of the most used rooms in your whole house. Gone are the days when people viewed the bathroom as being “just” a utilitarian room. Now we know better, and people are putting more care into creating a great space. We will walk through some of your options and give you some things to think about during your bathroom remodel in this blog. Please reach out to our design consultants to explore even more.


From the sink to the shower and toilet – this room really is all about the fixtures. We can upgrade your bathroom in a huge way without doing a full-on remodel by just installing some new fixtures! There are endless different types of sinks out there – single bown, his and hers, floating glass bowls that seem to float on air, metal, stone, and more. The options are truly endless and our Design Consultants at Budget Constructions really enjoy getting to know you and your style, and making recommendations based on what you might like.

Toilets – well you might think that the standard American porcelain toilet hasn’t changed in decades, but you might be surprised. First of all, modern toilets are more efficient than ever, and take much less water per flush than the old models – which is good for your water bill as well as the environment. You also have more choices than ever when it comes to shape, color, and other features. We carry all the top brands and have one for every style and taste.

Again, you have options when it comes to the shower area. Often times this will depend on available space – if it is limited perhaps a glass-encased shower with an overhead rain showerhead will do nicely. If there is more space available a fully jetted Jacuzzi tub can work! At Budget Construction our design team really gets to know your bathroom and what you want it to look like. There are as many options as there are wonderful customers!


You want to have some good storage options in the bathroom as well – the medicine cabinet, place for towels and linens, cleaning products, etc. Our design consultants are expert in analyzing the space you have, and giving you the storage you need without making everything look too cluttered. You don’t want your bathroom to look like a locker room, after all! We have many attractive options with it comes to shelves, hutches, over-the-toilet cabinets, and more.


Everyone is always talking about kitchen renovation, and with good reason, but don’t neglect the bathroom! You have an opportunity to create a great space that is actually a joy to be in – whether is starts our your morning in the best possible note, or provides a sanctuary for you to unwind and relax in after a long day. Look at the bathroom as an opportunity, and give us a call so we can explore together how to bring the dream in to reality!

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