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Evergreen Park Roofing

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Evergreen Park Roof Repair, Evergreen Park, IL

If you are looking for the best quality home improvement products and craftsmanship for affordable prices, you are going to want to go with the experts at Budget Construction Company.  We will answer all of your design, installation and remodeling concerns on custom home improvement.   No one understands roofing any better than we do.  For more than 36 years, we have been providing homeowners with the kind of information they require in order to make an educated decision about roofing for their homes.  This is because we realize that your roof and roof flashing are the single most important components of your home.  They protect everything underneath them – your belongings, you and your family!  Budget Construction Company is recognized throughout the Chicagoland region for its expertise in roofing repairs, roofing restoration and re-roofing.  With our background and experience, we can get properly assess your roofing needs to determine whether you need a complete re-roofing or whether it is only maintenance, upkeep or roofing repair you need.  It is our job to analyze your roof so that you will spend only as much money as needed in order for your roof to do what it is supposed to do.  We will never install an entire new roof if you don’t need one!  Plain and simple – we are honorable, trustworthy and the best in the business.  Furthermore, we will give you a fair price for our very affordable services.  These are just a few of the many reasons our customers in Evergreen Park seek out our services again and again.  They know they can depend upon us to be honest and dependable. 

Evergreen Park Roofing Replacement, Evergreen Park, IL

Evergreen Park, Illinois is a Cook County suburb surrounded by the City of Chicago on three of its sides.  The Village of Evergreen Park is the “small town” connected to the “big city.” Because of our location we are able to enjoy all the amenities of our “big city” neighbor while continuing to enjoy the wonderful spirit a small town has to offer.  Evergreen Park is known as the “Village of Churches” as evidenced by the thirteen established religious congregations serving the community.  Evergreen Park takes great pride in the green space that our community has to offer our residents in order to enjoy outdoor sports, walking paths, bike paths, native plant life, peaceful waters and relaxation.  In addition, the business community of Evergreen Park continues to grow and offer its residents the opportunity to “Keep the Green in Evergreen.” Evergreen Park remains a great place to reside, raise a family or retire.  Evergreen Park has 18,342 residents with over 4,500 households and over 6,000 family households.   The median household income in Evergreen Park is approximately $72,000, and the median home value is right around $175,000.  It isn’t surprising that the residents of this “small town” are looking to maintain their lovely residences at affordable prices – the kind of prices they can find at Budget Construction Company.  Lately, they have contacted our offices about taking advantage of our free estimate for a new roof or refurbishing the roof they already have.

Evergreen Park Roofing Contractors, Evergreen Park, IL

Regardless if you are looking for regular shingles or possibly wood shakes or even slate, we have what you are looking for!  Budget Construction Company has been investigating roofing problems, designing roofing solutions and providing quality installations on all types of residential roofs.  We have also installed our fair share of slate roofs over the years.  They offer a high standard of weather-proofing; however they can be rather pricy.  For homeowners who show an interest in slate, we often let them in our less expensive little secret – imitation slate!  Recycled rubber is designed to give the appearance of slate but is more cost-effective.  It is also more durable, flexible and lighter in weight than real slate, and more importantly, it is both more affordable and easier to install.  The beauty is that it looks exactly like authentic slate, but it is an improvement over genuine slate!  Be sure you check out our deals and “steals” before you go with a bunch of roofing amateurs!  We will walk you through the entire process from start to finish and be available for all your questions and concerns.  To learn more about our outstanding products and roofing contractors, call us today!

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