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Jefferson Park Kitchen Remodeling | Chicago, IL

Jefferson Park Kitchen Remodeling

One of the best investments a homeowner can make is a new kitchen. According to 2013 data from Remodeling Magazine, a minor kitchen makeover throughout Chicago, IL cost about $19,000 but realized a return on investment of nearly $13,000. It is money well spent, but a deciding factor in long-term value is selecting the right contractor. The Jefferson Park kitchen remodeling experts at Budget Construction Company have been in business since 1976 and are known for putting luxury within reach of any budget.

The Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in Jefferson Park

When it comes to a kitchen makeover, homeowners always ask about maximizing space in a small kitchen. With limited room size, creating a sense of space depends on changing the floor plan, and design touches that alter someone’s perception of the room. Call us today and we will also talk to homeowners about:

• Improved storage with custom kitchen cabinets. We offer unique and creative kitchen design ideas that will provide more options for storing food items, and cleverly conceal small kitchen appliances until needed.
• Think about a white color scheme, for ceiling and wall coverings, and flooring and cabinet facing. White reflects light, creating a sense of openness and space that is enhanced by adding stainless steel kitchen appliances to the floor plan.
• The use of natural lighting. New, energy efficient vinyl windows and surreptitiously placed tubular sky lights will bathe your kitchen in light from morning to dusk.
• Adding space. Depending on your budget, our Jefferson Park kitchen remodeling experts will discuss options for removing walls between the kitchen and another room, or expanding outward. This design carves out room for new cabinets, a walk-in pantry, or other features on your kitchen makeover “wish list.”
• Minimize clutter. It is not always obvious, but kitchen cabinets can be used more efficiently if you relocate dishes you have not used in several years. Also, take back ownership of your kitchen countertops by tagging a little used toaster oven for a yard sale.

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