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Lake Bluff Bathroom Remodeling

Lake Bluff Bathroom Remodeling

Budget Construction Company is the place to go for the finest bathroom remodeling options in the Chicagoland area. We provide more affordable choices that do any of our rivals in the remodeling business. Budget Construction Company’s constructs only the best designed bathrooms in the industry that are not only durable and highly functional, but they are attractive, as well.  You will have the premier bathroom remodeling company throughout the region, when you select Budget Construction Company. Although we have been serving Chicago and the surrounding areas since 1976, and our products have only gotten better, our objective has always remained constant – transforming old tired bathrooms into refreshing new ones. Budget Construction Company has worked diligently to attain our goal of being your bathroom remodeling solution. We understand that there are a tremendous number of decisions to make when it comes to remodeling your bathroom, and most people have no idea where to begin. Every decision you make – from design to product selection to construction, quality control and cost – will impact both your final result and your budget! Our in-house crew has helped thousands of homeowners transform a confusing predicament into a problem-free process that will have you bathing in your dreams – without ever leaving home! Recently, a number of Lake Bluff homeowners have contacted Budget Construction Company about a bathroom makeover.

Lake Bluff Bathroom Renovation

Lake Bluff, Illinois is a village in Lake County, Illinois. It is the closest moderate-sized town near the Great Lakes Navy Base. In 1855, the first railroad through Lake County was completed, running from Chicago through Waukegan, to the county line.  Henry Ostrander owned the land and he agreed to donate the site if the depot were named “Rockland.”  Therefore this area, known previously as the Dwyer Settlement and Oak Hill, became Rockland.  In 1875, a group of Methodist ministers purchased 100 acres of lakefront property and formed The Lake Bluff Camp Meeting Association and the settlement was renamed “Lake Bluff.”  The Association planned a resort similar to the Chautauqua movement in the eastern part of the United States; one that would provide not only religious activities but also social, cultural, educational and recreational programs. During the First World War, Lake Bluff was proclaimed the “most patriotic small town in America” for the efforts of the residents in supporting the Red Cross and purchasing an ambulance to send to France. Lake Bluff’s population is approximately 6,846 people, with 2,726 households in the community and a median household income of about $107,082. Lake Bluff has never relinquished its small-town flavor and friendly spirit.

Lake Bluff Bathroom Contractor

There are many reasons to consider a bathroom remodeling project with Budget Construction Company. One reason is that we are known for providing the highest quality bathroom remodeling services for Chicagoland clients’ lifestyles and budgets. Another reason is that our products are constructed from only the highest quality materials. Frankly, we have discovered that today’s homeowners want more from a bathroom. Besides having a functional bathroom, homeowners are expecting their bathrooms to be a soothing environment where they can relax after a long day at the office. More and more amenities are being included in bathrooms today, and a bathroom remodeling project may also consist of the addition of a large soaking tub, a whirlpool bath or a steam shower. Budget Construction Company not only features materials, fixtures, and accessories to complete a successful bath remodel, but we also will help you attain any look you want that will meet your bathroom design ideas and functionality needs without compromising on quality. With Budget Construction Company’s selection of remodeling products, there is no easier way to give your bathroom a fresh look that your family can enjoy for years to come. Many Lake Bluff homeowners have already discovered the benefits of having the professionals at Budget Construction Company remodel their bathrooms for them. Call us today if you are thinking about a bathroom remodeling project for your Lake Bluff home. We will assess your situation and get started on providing you with answers to your current bathroom questions.

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