Signs You May Need New Cabinets

There is an old saying that nothing lasts forever, and this is especially true with things around your house. Over time, major components or features of your home will need replacement – HVAC systems, windows, doors, the roof, and even cabinetry throughout your residence. For nearly 40 years, Budget Construction Company has offered innovative solutions for consumers in the market for quality home renovations at the best prices in town.

Signs You May Need New Cabinets

One of the most ubiquitous features of your home is cabinetry. No longer just for the kitchen, an entire cottage industry has popped up as builders and designers regularly integrate cabinets in every room and nook and cranny possible: the kitchen, bathroom, home offices, walk-in pantry, work areas, and garages. Cabinets can show signs of wear after constant use. How do you know your cabinets may need to be replaced? Look for these signs:

  • Cracks in the doors.
  • Cracks in the base.
  • Handles or pulls that can no longer be secured to a door or drawer.
  • Drawers that can only be opened with difficulty, or whose track is detached from the interior.
  • Doors that will not close properly.
  • Hardware that appears broken or not working properly.
  • Flakes or wood or wood particles in drawers.

There are other reasons new cabinetry may be in play. For instance, they no longer fit your storage needs or your home’s décor. But when you are finally ready to replace what you have, call us today at 773-283-9200 for a free, in-home consultation.

MDF versus Plywood

Over the last 50 years or so, homeowners have seen different options when it comes to choosing building materials for their cabinets. “Back in the day,” solid wood cabinets were the only game in town. Now, however, there are more ecologically friendly and less expensive choices, including MDF (medium density fiberboard) and plywood. Generally speaking, both are cheaper than solid wood, and have their own unique advantages you should be aware of when shopping for new cabinets.

MDF is less expensive than plywood and has a smooth surface, making it easy to paint. Because of its smooth nature, it forms a good base for veneer surface coverings and has smooth edges, resulting in less time for cutting and installation. On the downside, it is basically particle board and is very susceptible to moisture, mold, and liquid-based damage.

Plywood – like MDF – is another engineered wood made by pressing sheets of veneer onto a solid piece. Because it comes in different thickness and grades, homeowners and builders have more options for their projects. It also is strong and less susceptible to water damage, holds screws tightly, and is stainable.

The Benefits of Wood Cabinets

Wood cabinets are always in demand, but they are not for everyone. They are durable, but require periodic maintenance. Why buy wood cabinets from Budget Construction Company?

  • Every wood cabinet we install has a classic, timeless appearance that can fit with any architectural style or home décor.
  • Wood cabinets are very customizable in terms of design, color, shape, and size.
  • Wood cabinets are easier to install than other types, such as metal cabinetry.
  • With simple maintenance, high quality wood cabinets will last for decades without warping or other signs of wear.

Finally, homeowners have numerous wood species to choose from, including Maple, Oak, Cherry, Hickory, and Pine.

Call Budget Construction Company today at 773-283-9200 to speak with one our interior design specialists or schedule an in-home consultation.

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Transform Your Home with a Second Story

A strange thing happened recently – you discovered your family is growing, and your house is too small. What to do? Like many homeowners facing this dilemma, you could move to a larger residence, or carve out more space with a first or second floor addition. A tough choice, but there is one solution: Call the remodeling experts at Budget Construction Company, Chicago’s premier home remodeling contractor since 1976.

Transform Your Home with a Second Story

With the housing market still recovering, an option to think about is investing in a second story addition, giving your family the space you need – while increasing your residence’s long-term value. In many cases, building up is similar to constructing a new house because the addition is placed above the existing floorplan, according to Budget Construction Company owner Donald Schneider.

Adding a second story is a major undertaking, so where do you begin? The first step is to call us at 773-283-9200 to schedule a free in-home consultation. One of our design experts will visit with you in hour home, and begin evaluating the layout and possible options to suit your needs.

Part of our evaluation will determine whether your home can support a second story. Remember, building up will add weight because of the new walls and living space.

What to Consider When Building a Second Story

Building a second story is a big decision, and not solely due to the expense. There are other things to consider:

  • How much space do you need? Depending on your situation, a second story with a single bedroom-bathroom combination may be enough.
  • Building codes. Each community has different codes related to room size, minimum ceiling height, and other structural issues. Thankfully, our remodeling experts are familiar with building codes throughout Chicago and surrounding communities and can tell you what is or is not possible.
  • What to do about a new staircase? This can be a tricky situation, because a staircase will take up space somewhere – either inside your home, or along an exterior facing wall.
  • What about financing? At Budget Construction Company, we have a variety of affordable payment plans to help finance your new remodeling project.
  • Finally, building a second story often requires the homeowner to move out, at least temporarily.

To discuss your options, please call us today for more information or stop by our general offices at 5334 N. Kedzie Ave., Chicago, IL 60625.

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Additions 101: Adding an In-law Suite

Homes across Chicagoland and America are growing, and we are not just talking about square footage, either. According to the Pew Research Center, more than 18 percent of the population live in multi-generational homes – a staggering 57 million or so. Besides grandma and grandpa, adult children – sometimes with families of their own – are also moving back home. This is driving up demand for home renovations, especially the construction of in-law suites.

Additions 101: Adding an In-law Suite

At Budget Construction Company, we have been the premier home improvement contractor throughout the greater Chicago area for nearly 40 years. We are experts in affordable remodeling projects, including new doors and windows, roofing, kitchens, bathrooms, or extra rooms for visitors who may be staying for a little longer than first expected.

The classic example of an in-law suite is a room or suite of rooms that has been built to accommodate the needs of an older adult or child moving back home. In the case of an older parent, it can lessen adult daycare costs and allow your loved one maintain privacy and dignity – two criteria that must be fulfilled when multi-generation families find themselves face to face every day.

Factors That May Influence Your Decision

One of the things we pride ourselves on is educating consumers so they can make an informed decision, solely in their best interests. Here are five things to keep in mind before constructing an in-law suite:

  • Be aware of Chicago area building codes. We can help you navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of different building regulations in your community, but encourage homeowners to research such topics on their own.
  • Settle on a floorplan that best fits your loved one’s health and physical requirements. Lifestyle and mobility are key issues, so do not forget to include features such as low impact flooring, grab bars, wider doors and entrances, barrier-free thresholds, wheelchair ramps, and video or monitoring systems.
  • Private entrances, which help maintain security and independence.
  • If possible, include your loved one in decisions about floorplans and features. Giving an older parent or adult child a say in the process can make the transition easier for the whole family.
  • Think about the future, and which features may attract potential buyers down the road.

Building a functional, comfortable, and ¬affordable in-law suite is within your reach. Contact us today at 773-283-9200 to learn more about our products and services.

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Freshen your Home with New Siding

The exterior of your home is not meant to just protect what is inside, but to act as a calling card to those visiting or just wandering down the street. Your home’s exterior, whether it is aluminum siding, brick, wood, or something else, beautifies your residence, ensuring that it holds its value from year to year. At Budget Construction Company, our design specialists can help you choose siding best suited to your tastes, and which accentuate your home’s architecture.

Freshen Your Home with New Siding

The type of siding you choose depends on many factors, including the style of your home, the environment, and how much you are willing to spend. If your home was built in the Italianate style of the 19th century, chances are that vinyl or clapboard siding – however inexpensive – would be out of place. The types of siding that Chicagoland residents can choose from is substantial and includes:

  • Aluminum, the standard bearer for siding for more than 50 years, became popular thanks to its durability and ease of maintenance.
  • Brick is an incredibly robust siding material and blends in with many architectural styles, mostly due to its range of colors from bright red to beige earth-tones to everything in between.
  • Cedar shingles are perfectly suited to homeowner’s who want to maintain a natural look to exterior siding.
  • Composite or engineered wood are shingles made from a mixture of wood, resins, and other materials. Less expensive than wood, this type of siding comes in long sheets, is easy to install, and appears seamless up close or from a distance.
  • Seamless steel is growing in popularity because it is immune to shrinkage or expansion due to the weather, does not rot like wood, and gives a clean, finished look when installed.
  • Stone is extremely durable – and expensive. Many customers choose cultured stone or pre-cast veneer instead.
  • Stucco is a combination of cement, sand, water, and other materials that goes on like a paste then hardens like stone. It can be virtually any color or texture.
  • Vinyl siding is plastic made of PVC and while cheaper than other materials, it is susceptible to cracking, warping, and other environmental threats. It, too, comes in numerous colors and styles.

Finally, wood clapboard never seems to get old, does it? Popular for hundreds of years, the species of wood used for this kind of siding includes Cedar, pine, spruce, redwood, Cyprus, or Douglas fir.

Choose the Best Siding Contractor in Chicago

Budget Construction Company excels at implementing stylish, functional, and affordable home improvements throughout the greater Chicago area. To learn more, please contact us today at 773-283-9200 and speak with one of our siding specialists or to arrange a complimentary at-home consultation.

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Top Tips to Follow When Choosing New Windows

Even if you have lived in Chicago your whole life, it is easy to take your house’s windows for granted. They faithfully shield you all year long from the fierce bite of winter or searing summer heat – until they fail and something goes wrong. At Budget Construction Company, we have been a premier replacement and new window installer for decades and only work with top brands – JELD-WEN, Anderson, Pella, and many more.

Top Tips to Follow When Choosing New Windows

Windows play a critical role not only in the appearance and beauty of your home, but also in controlling your utility bills and the amount of moisture, pests, or pollutants that can sneak into your house when you least expect it. If made of quality materials and installed properly, typical residential windows have a useful lifespan of 15 to 20 years. It is possible that certain materials, solid hardwood for example, may last decades – but only with regular inspection and maintenance.

Because of the significant amount of time and money invested in your home, you owe it to yourself to understand factors that help decide what kinds of windows to choose. Here are several to consider:

  • Stick with your home’s existing architecture. Try not to blend styles. “Eclectic” only works in theory.
  • Form equals functionality. Windows can serve multiple purposes, such as a sliding glass door-wall leading from your family room to outdoor patio.
  • Choose windows with specific colors infused into the frames, meaning they will blend into existing architectural features such as the color of siding or roofing.
  • Select ENERGY STAR® certified windows. These are the most energy-efficient available. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, replacing older single-pane windows with ENERGY STAR® certified windows could save more than $500 per year in energy costs.
  • Choose windows that accent your home’s interior.
  • Choose windows for certain rooms with different ventilation needs. For instance, a large formal living room normally has fixed windows that do not open, while a casual family room often includes classic sash-style windows – those that can open up or down, or side to side.

Choose a Name You Can Trust

We have been in business for nearly 40 years, and the reasons are simple. We provide high quality at affordable prices, back all of our work with an extensive warranty, and treat customers like they were family members. Call us today at 773-283-9200 for more information.

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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofer

If you inspect your house after a rain or wind storm and notice shingles missing from your roof, or small granules on the ground, chances are your roof needs work. Because repairs or replacement can be expensive, you should select a trusted roofing specialist with decades of service to hundreds of satisfied customers. In Chicago, few fit the bill better than the professionals at Budget Construction Company.

We have been in business for nearly 40 years and have a record of high quality work at affordable prices, but we strive to educate our customers on what to look for in a home improvement specialist.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofer

Once you have decided to repair or replace your roof, you need to find a contractor. Here are several questions we recommend you ask multiple companies before making your final choice.

  • Are you licensed? The answer you need to hear in all cases is yes. Our Illinois State Roofing Contractors License number is 104.010272-105.002279. A contractor cannot legally perform roofing work without state licensing.
  • Is your staff covered by workman’s compensation insurance? Insurance is expensive, but all reputable roofing contractors invest in their staff’s well-being by offering insurance if they are injured on the job. We do, and have since the beginning.
  • Do you offer general liability insurance? Again, you want to hear a yes. This type of insurance provides coverage if, for instance, the roofing contractor accidentally damages your property during installation.
  • Will you remove my old roof? Some roofers will continually shingle over old roofs, but that is asking for trouble because of the added weight. Also keep in mind that shingling over your old roof means the installer has no way of knowing if there are soft spots or rotten wood beneath the current roof. We recommend removing old roofs.
  • Will you clean up after the project and remove old roofing materials from my property? Yes. We leave your property in the same condition it was when we got there – clean and free of roofing materials.
  • Do provide a written estimate? This is important. You always want to receive a written estimate to compare it to others
  • Do you warranty your work? The answer should always be yes.

Finally, do not be afraid to ask a potential roofing contractor for references. Ours are available online, so call us today for a free roofing estimate at 773-283-9200.

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Why You Need Energy Efficient Windows

If your home’s windows were installed 15 or more years ago, it may be time to consider new energy efficient replacement windows before cold weather sets in. At Budget Construction Company, we have been one of Chicagoland’s premier window contractors for nearly 40 years and specialize in affordable new construction and replacement windows for any style or budget.

Major home remodeling projects can be expensive, but thanks to new manufacturing technology and high efficiency materials, replacement windows offer tremendous return on investment over the long haul. In fact, a study by Remodeling Magazine shows that replacement windows recoup more than 70 percent of their original cost for homes throughout Chicago.

The benefits of energy efficient windows go far beyond what an owner may recover when selling his or her home. Consider these reasons for investing in new windows.

  • Newer double pane windows with low solar-gain, low-E designs can reduce heating bills in some locations by as much as 20 percent, and save nearly 40 percent on cooling costs.
  • High energy efficient windows installed by Budget Construction Company may also save a homeowner money by reducing the size of the heating and cooling system your residence needs.
  • Today’s energy efficient models offer new glazing technology that keeps your home comfortable season to season, without spikes in hot or cold temperatures. They also severely minimize condensation or frost because interior glass maintains a uniform temperature.
  • Enhance the overall beauty and livability of your home, thanks to styles and materials that match your architecture and interior décor. New replacement windows add more natural lighting and improve your view of the outside world while minimizing heat gain in the summer and heart loss in the winter.
  • Increase the longevity of your home’s interior furnishings. Carpeting, furniture, artwork, photographs, flooring, paint, and even sculptures are susceptible to damage from light and harmful UV rays. Call our new window design team at 773-283-9200 and we will help you select windows with coatings on the glass that could reduce the amount of UV rays that get into your home by as much as 75 percent.

Know Your Options

It may be shocking to hear this, but not all windows need to be replaced. Any reputable window installer should provide an unbiased evaluation of the condition of your windows, allowing you to make an informed decision that is in your best interests. At Budget Construction Company, we take that philosophy a step further and give you an unvarnished assessment of your window replacement options. This means:

  • Helping you decide if your existing windows can be repaired. From caulking to weather-stripping, we look at factors affecting the performance of your windows, including: The presence of moisture or mold, lead-based paints on the frame, signs of water or other environmental damage, or broken window components.
  • Answering questions about retrofitting existing windows. Depending on the condition of your windows, we may be able to improve their performance by installing storm windows in the frame, adding solar-control window film to the glass, recommend exterior shading – think trees and other landscaping, shutters, awnings, or even solar screens – or sash replacement.

Finally, we will discuss new windows replacement options, such as partial or insert windows, or full window replacement. As part of our consultation, we strive to educate homeowners by helping them understand how windows are repaired or replaced, and provide information on energy efficiency ratings for top brands including JELD-WEN, Anderson, Pella, and others. If you are ready for new energy efficiency windows, take the advice of thousands of satisfied homeowners and call us today at 773-283-9200.

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Choose the Right Wood for Your New Deck

With summer in bloom, it is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors. As the economy improves, more homeowners are reinvesting in their residences, with one of the top projects being enhanced outdoor living space. At Budget Construction Company, we have helped hundreds of Chicago area residents realize the potential of their backyards and greenspaces with new wooden decks for every taste and budget.

A new deck not only beautifies and adds functionality to your backyard, it also has the potential to boost the long term value of your home and gives you more options for a casual meal, a more formal gathering, or just relaxing after a long day. Depending on where you live, the vitality and lifespan of any wooden deck is affected by the environment. If you have lived in Chicago long enough, you know what we mean – blistering summer heat, chilly fall days, brutal snow-bound winters, and rain showers in the spring.

Since 1976, the experts at Budget Construction Company have designed and built award-winning decks for hundreds of homeowners, each completed to exacting specifications related to appearance, materials, and accessories. An important decisions to make in regards to a deck is the kind of building material to use. Here are different species of wood to consider for your deck or outdoor project.

  • Standard pressure-treated wood is a good choice for homeowners who do not want to spend a significant amount of money on a new deck. The benefits are affordability and natural appearance. On the downside, this type of wood needs regular care and maintenance, including periodic refinishing.
  • Western Red Cedar is another popular choice, adding a rustic appearance to any deck and outdoor living area. Easy to mill and work with, our designers love this wood thanks to its appearance and its natural resistance to water damage and mold.
  • Thermally modified wood often comes with a 30 year warranty, is lightweight and generally durable – but it does not flex when walked on, and also requires yearly treatment to maintain its appearance. And yes, it can be expensive.

Other options that our design and install teams work with are tropical hardwoods, composites, and plastic or cellular PVC. Each material has a number of benefits. To learn more or schedule a free onsite consultation, contact us today at 773-283-9200 and speak with one of our design professionals.

Budget Construction Company is a Chicago-based, residential construction contractor serving metro Chicago and the surrounding suburbs with high quality construction and remodeling services.

Budget Construction Company
5334 N. Kedzie Ave.
Chicago, IL 60625
Northshore: (847) 647-0902
City: (773) 283-9200
South: (708) 352-0400

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Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most worthwhile improvements a homeowner can make, whether it is a completely new “dream” kitchen, or a modest touchup on a budget. In fact, according to a study by Remodeling Magazine, some Chicagoland kitchen renovations can recoup more than 80 percent of the original expense when the residence is sold. At Budget Construction Company, our philosophy since 1976 has been simple – deliver the most value for the money, regardless of your budget.

Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget

At Budget Construction Company, our interior design specialists have successfully implemented functional and beautiful projects across a wide range of price points for hundreds of Chicago area homeowners. These have included improvements such as new doors and windows, additions, dormers, and bathroom upgrades. The key to making you happy is understanding your goals and customizing a plan that meets each objective – large or small. Renovation costs depend on available space, floorplan, appliances, materials, labor, and building permits, but there are many “small” improvements that can instantly give your kitchen award-winning potential without draining your household budget.

Beautify your Kitchen without Breaking the Bank

Some of our favorite kitchen renovations over the years are the ones that combined simplicity, beauty, and functionality. Consider these inexpensive improvements if you are working with limited finances.

  • Create an illusion of space in a small room by using white or other bright colored paints to complement your appliances and fixtures. Wondering which colors work best? Let our design team show you different combinations to help you decide.
  • Maximize storage space with clever cabinetry and pantry hacks. Popular options today include a combination slide-out cutting board and trash can be installed beneath the counter-top.
  • Add decorative knobs or pulls to cabinets and drawers that match your appliances or decor.
  • Granite or stone counter-tops are very popular – and expensive! Neither, however, match the versatility and ease-of-cleanup offered by laminate counters. One method of adding new life to older laminate counters is using brand-name specialty over the existing surface. Ask one of our design staff for before and after photographs, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.
  • Today’s laminate flooring is inexpensive and durable, yet offer hundreds of options, each with different colors, designs, and textures guaranteed to match your new kitchen renovation.

Budget Construction Company is a Chicago-based, residential construction contractor serving metro Chicago and the surrounding suburbs with high quality construction and remodeling services.

Budget Construction Company
5334 N. Kedzie Ave.
Chicago, IL 60625
Northshore: (847) 647-0902
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South: (708) 352-0400

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Flooring Materials and Your Options

chicago flooring installer

Inevitably, all Chicago, IL homeowners face the same dilemma – what to do about our flooring? To answer that question, consumers should turn to experts with years of experience with different flooring materials, like the professionals at Budget Construction Company. For nearly 40 years, owner Donald Schneider and his team have installed stylish and durable new floors for customers across Chicagoland – and can do the same for you.

Questions to Ask About New Floors

Like many home improvement projects, installing a new floor can be time-consuming, sometimes disruptive, but always satisfying because of how carpeting, tile, or wood flooring can beautify a home and add long-term value. Here are some questions to ask before installation:

  • Where will the flooring be installed? Many homeowners ask about a single room installation, but soon realize other areas of the house need new floors, too.
  • Is the area for the installation a high-traffic or activity zone? A family room in constant use may benefit from Berber-style carpeting, while others could benefit from different flooring materials.
  • Is one type of flooring better for pets or children? Carpeting shows wear from pet stains, while tile or hardwood is a haven for dust and could be a problem with accident-prone children.
  • Is solid hardwood worth the expense? If you have budget restrictions but are set on the look of hardwood, ask our team about less expensive composite or laminate.
  • How does installation take? The length of time it takes to install new floors depends on many factors, including flooring materials, room size, number of rooms, and even how long it may take to clear the installation area of furniture or other items.

Tips from the Best Flooring Contractor in Chicago, IL

Whether you choose to install new floors or your own or have a contractor do the work, we would like to offer the following tips to help you make an informed decision:

  • Comparison shop at different retailers and online to see who offers the best prices.
  • Save in the long-run and pick a pre-finished flooring option, which may hold up better over time.
  • Look for products that are certified from: FloorScore, the Forest Stewardship Council, or the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.
  • Budget Construction Company is a Chicago-based, residential construction contractor serving metro Chicago and the surrounding suburbs with high quality construction and remodeling services.

    Budget Construction Company
    5334 N. Kedzie Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60625
    Northshore: (847) 647-0902
    City: (773) 283-9200
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