Add a Stylish New Entry Door To Your Home


What is the first thing a visitor to your home notices? The roof? Windows? Landscaping? It may be any of those, but more than likely it is your entry door – your home’s “calling card” and defining exterior feature. High quality, stylish, and affordable new entry doors have been one of our calling cards for nearly 40 years, and is why hundreds of Chicago, IL homeowners call on Budget Construction Company for doors, windows, new roofing, and other home improvement needs.

Install a New Entry Door

Because selecting new doors is a personal decision for a homeowner, we go out of our way to educate consumers on selecting the right door, from the design to energy efficiency to choosing the most qualified installer available. Call us today at 773-283-9200 to arrange a free onsite estimate, and a member of our sales team will inspect your door and answer any questions you may have about financing, warranty, or the most cost-efficient types available.

Our Favorite Entry Doors

New entry doors come in a wide range of styles and material, but our “favorite” door is simple – it is the one you choose after making an informed decision, and has been installed to your complete satisfaction. Chicago, IL homeowners have four distinct styles to choose from:

  • Decorative Glass Doors. Stylish and instantly noticeable, decorative glass doors benefit from cutting-edge build materials and construction methods that make them secure and energy efficient. Remember, all of the new doors we sell and install are Energy Star® qualified.
  • Wrought Iron Doors offer a unique combination of style, durability, and value. On first glance, they ooze security. At Budget Construction Company, all of the wrought iron doors we sell are made from high strength, powder coated steel, giving our design team the ability to match a design that meets your needs.
  • Fiberglass Doors come in styles that can mimic any traditional door surface texture, from wood to vinyl and steel to any other. Best of all, they are energy efficient – offering more than four times the insulation properties of solid wood doors. It also is worth mentioning fiberglass doors require less maintenance than other door types.

Finally, patio doors are popular because they are the perfect complement to a newly remodeled family room or dining room. Call us today, and our design experts can help you select a model that fits your décor and architecture.

Budget Construction Company is a Chicago-based, residential construction contractor serving metro Chicago and the surrounding suburbs with high quality construction and remodeling services.

Budget Construction Company
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Buying New Windows for Your Home

window replacement chicago

One of the most notable features about any home are its windows. Are they new? Do they appear well maintained? Do they complement the residence’s architecture? With virtually hundreds of styles to choose from, matching windows with the house of your dreams is sometimes more difficult than it should be, which is where the window replacement experts at Budget Construction Company come into the picture.

Replacement Windows Contractor in Chicago, IL

Since 1976, we have worked with thousands of homeowners on designing and installing new windows, and pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products that are affordable and maintain the long-term value of any home. With the help of our sales and design professionals, we can answer questions about the value of new Chicago windows, what to look for in new windows, and provide a free onsite estimate. To get started, call us today at 773-283-9200.

What to Know About Window Replacement

You can never minimize the importance of the beauty of replacement windows, but we believe consumers need to understand some of the technology a homeowner may encounter when window shopping.

  • Make sure you select Energy Star®-certified windows. According to some estimates, such windows can lower your home energy bills by as much as 15 percent. How? Because the newest, most energy-efficient windows feature argon-filled glazing and low-E coatings, meaning you keep cool air out during the colder months, and inside during cooler months.
  • Argon is an energy-efficient gas that is sandwiched between layers of glass in replacement windows or new construction windows. It helps increase the insulation or R-value of your window. The higher the R-rating the better, but we encourage homeowners to consider the cost against long-term benefit.
  • Low-E or Low-Emissive windows are windows that have been treated with an invisible metal oxide coating to create a surface which allows light to pass through it but reflects the heat.
  • The U-Factor is a number between 0.20 to 1.20 and refers to a replacement windows resistance to heat loss. The lower the number, the more resistant to heat loss.
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient is another important number, between 0 and 1. The lower the number, the better the window is at defending against unwanted heat.

Finally, how much visible light your window lets in is called visible transmittance and is represented by a number between 0 and 1. Again, the lower the number, the better.

Budget Construction Company is a Chicago-based, residential construction contractor serving metro Chicago and the surrounding suburbs with high quality construction and remodeling services.

Budget Construction Company
5334 N. Kedzie Ave.
Chicago, IL 60625
Northshore: (847) 647-0902
City: (773) 283-9200
South: (708) 352-0400

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Put On a New Roof This Summer


Summer is one of the best times to consider new roofing, and few contractors in the Chicago, IL area have as much experience as the experts at Budget Construction Company. Since 1976, we have been a top-rated Chicago roofing company specializing in all styles of roofs, including asphalt shingles, shakes and wood shingles, tile, slate, metal, and newer synthetic roofing systems.

Signs You May Need a New Roof

Over the course of the average lifetime for a roof, normally about 15 years or longer depending on materials, craftsmanship, and environment, you can expect to see tell-tale signs your roofing is in need of repair. Visual and close-up inspection is the best way to determine the condition of your roof, so on a clear, bright day, look for:

  • Shingles that appear worn out or are missing granules.
  • Shingles or other roofing materials that are torn, ripped, dented, or have visible holes.
  • Dips in the roof, possibly caused by too many layers of shingles or other structural damage.
  • Signs of leakage inside your home, either on walls, ceiling, or flooring.

Of course, many homeowners decide they need a new roof when they are having other work done, such as installing new doors or windows, or even building an addition to their home.

The Importance of a Warranty

When considering a new roof, we strongly recommend that homeowners carefully read the kind of warranty offered by the contractor. In addition to a manufacturer’s warranty on roofing materials, Budget Construction Company warranties the work we perform. If there is a failure in your roof due to workmanship, we will make it right to ensure your satisfaction and future business.

Call the Best Chicago Roofing Company For a Free Estimate

A professionally installed roof using high-quality materials is the first line of defense in protecting your home, loved ones, and personal belongings, but many consumers rush into this decision without educating themselves about what is involved. A roofing expert from Budget Construction Company can help answer your questions, and provide an estimate for your new roof so you can make an informed decision. The cost of a new roof is determined by the size of the roof, the roof’s pitch, access to the roof, tearing off layers of shingles, the type of roofing material you choose, and of course general labor.

Call one of our helpful roofing specialists today at 773-283-9200 for a free estimate.

Budget Construction Company is a Chicago-based, residential construction contractor serving metro Chicago and the surrounding suburbs with high quality construction and remodeling services.

Budget Construction Company
5334 N. Kedzie Ave.
Chicago, IL 60625
Northshore: (847) 647-0902
City: (773) 283-9200
South: (708) 352-0400

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Estimating the Costs to Build a New Deck


One of the most valuable outdoor improvements you can make to your home is a deck addition, but like many other exterior home remodeling projects, the final decision should only be made after careful consideration. Since 1976, Budget Construction Company has been one of the top rated home improvement companies in all of Chicago, IL and prides itself on the affordability and unique designs of its award-winning decks.

Tips for Estimating Your New Deck Addition

Besides enlarging your usable outdoor living area, a high quality deck also will improve the long-term value and attractiveness of your home for years to come. But above all else, your new deck has to meet your needs and fit within your budget. Many factors contribute to the cost of new deck construction, including square footage, materials, and deck accessories. Our design team can help you understand the best ways to maximize your budget, but also recommend you consider the following:

  • The size of the deck determines price. Inexpensive treated lumber may cost about $6 to $8 per square foot, so a 10 x 10 foot deck – 100 square feet – could be anywhere from $600 to $800 before adding in labor or accessories.
  • The type of building material you choose will be a factor. Decks are always built with treated lumber, and while Southern yellow pine is typically the least expensive, more well-known or exotic species such as top-of-the-line redwood, mahogany, or Brazilian Ipe hardwood could cost several times that much. At Budget Construction Company, our expertly crafted decks utilize a wide variety of wood species, not to mention alternative deck materials, including TREX and other wood-composites.
  • Deck cost also is driven by design. A flat, ground-level deck is the least expensive design you can choose, but adding multi-levels with multiple entry and exit points will add to the price. For this reason, we encourage homeowners to know what designs they are most interested in before asking for an estimate.

Start a Deck Project Today

Decks are no longer just for increasing usable outdoor living space, but also for enhancing a home’s overall appearance and making a design statement. Many customers accessorize their new deck addition with built-in cooking areas and entertainment components, a pergola, hot tubs, and even custom, all-weather furniture. Contact us today at 773-283-9200 and ask how you can receive 10 percent off your new deck addition or enclosed porch.

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Spring Home Remodeling Ideas for 2015

Did you know that spring is one of the best times of the year to begin home remodeling projects? With milder weather, now is the perfect time to inspect your home and start thinking of ways to spruce it up, or prepare it for the dog days of summer – and the grueling bite of winter.

Residential Home Remodeling Experts since 1976

For nearly 40 years, our company has been proudly family-owned and operated, and has served thousands of Chicago, IL homeowners with affordable options for kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and many outdoor enhancements such as decks, windows, and many others. Each project benefits from our design and installation expertise, and by treating clients like family members.

Bathroom Remodeling on a Budget

One of the keys to our success is helping you unlock the potential of your home, and beautify it affordably. Not everyone has an unlimited budget, and we craft a plan based on your needs and personal finances. Each spring, we receive calls about the kinds of bathroom improvements that can add value and utility to any home. Here are five to consider.

Water-Resistant Flooring
Thanks to design and manufacturing innovations, homeowners can choose from affordable flooring besides vinyl, marble, or other stone tiling. Talk to one of our design experts today about water-resistant vinyl planking or engineered or laminate floor planks to match your bathroom décor.

Open Up Spaces
Reclaim space in a small bathroom with an above-toilet wall cabinet. Today, there are many popular wood alternatives to choose from, such as composite wood alternatives with wood veneer for doors and surfaces thanks to their affordability, and ease of cleanup and repair.

Consider Energy Efficiency
Add an automatic light switch and cut back on your electric bill. Many inexpensive models are available that not only turn on or off when someone enters or leaves a room, but also shut off after a number of minutes when movement is no longer detected.

A New Shower Perhaps?
Gain more shower room – and elbow space – by adding a curved shower rod. Once a bathroom design feature reserved for high end hotels, easy to install curved shower rods are another in-demand and stylish option homeowners ask about.

New Bathroom Cabinets
Finally, if your bathroom cabinets are a disorganized mess, we can design and install a variety of slide-out baskets and organizers to turn chaos upside down. Call us today at 773-283-9200 for the best quality work at budget prices.

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Senior Accessible Home Improvements for Any Budget

As much as we wish otherwise, people grow old, and those who loved and cared for us as children often seem to grow old faster right before our eyes. At Budget Construction Company, we have spent nearly 40 years helping Chicago, IL homeowners improve their residences to make them more accessible and comfortable for the special seniors in their lives – so let us help you help them.

Senior Friendly Homes Offer the Freedom of Mobility

While many older adults continue to live in their own homes or assisted living centers, a growing number have chosen another option – moving into a spare bedroom or even a new, purpose-built senior suite with their adult children or other family members. Many older adults will admit that a key to ongoing health and happiness is the ability to stay mobile, which is why our design and installation teams excel at transforming a home from functional to truly mobile, often with only a few improvements.

  • Regular Stairlifts are a popular choice because they are designed for people not dependent on wheelchairs, but whom still need help moving from one floor to another. Affordable and stylish, they include swivel seats that ease in transition from seat to a standing position; backup batteries; custom seat sizes; adjustable armrests; and other features.
  • Wheelchair Stairlifts are designed for seniors who are wheelchair dependent. Our design team ensures they match your décor, and offer all the benefits of Regular Stairlifts, plus a folding platform design, emergency off switch, and access to stair rails for non-wheelchair users.
  • Wheelchair Ramps are another critical component of a senior home remodeling project. At Budget Construction Company, our team works with homeowners and senior family member to decide on the best configuration possible, such as a permanent/semi-permanent ramp, or a portable model that can be used elsewhere as needed.

The Importance of Senior Friendly Bathrooms

Older adults with mobility issues nevertheless need access to a comfortable, safe, and well-appointed bathroom. Each of our designs include features such as: Wide spacing around the toilet for wheelchair or walker access, raised or wall-hung toilets, toilets with liftseats, height-specific sinks and vanities, larger showers with door-style openings and hand-held shower heads, and shower-bath combinations with fixed or mechanical seating.

Call us today at 773-283-9200 for a free estimate on how to make your home truly senior accessible for your loved one.

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Modernize Your Home with a Siding Replacement Project

Many factors contribute to the long-term value of your home, from new siding to the number of bathrooms to interior décor and furnishings to the style of the windows you choose. For nearly 40 years, Budget Construction Company has helped thousands of Chicago, IL residents realize the potential of their homes, and we can do the same for you.

Telltale Signs You May Need New Siding

Just as the interior of your home needs to be refreshed, so too does the exterior, and one of the first things a passerby will notice is the condition of vinyl siding. Like your roof, landscaping, and other exterior features, the lifespan of siding is determined by weather and other environmental conditions. Here are common signs you may need to replace siding:

  • Siding that appears to be warped. If you notice vinyl siding that shows signs of warping, take a flathead screwdriver and gently poke beneath it to see how sturdy the layer underneath feels. If you detect signs of rotting – such as pieces of moldy insulation or wood that falls out – then it may be time for new siding.
  • Mold on the exterior of the siding also is cause for concern.
  • Issues inside the home could indicate a problem. Vinyl siding that needs replacement could result in moisture seeping through walls, resulting in mold or peeled paint.

Factors Determining Vinyl Siding Cost

Some estimates peg replacing siding at $200 to $300 per 100 hundred square feet, but the best way to determine the final price is to call the licensed home improvement experts at Budget Construction Company for an onsite inspection. Our site visit will provide an estimate based on damage, disposal and removal, the style of siding you prefer, types of insulation, and exterior features like soffits, fascia, and window channels. Interior damage may require new corner boards, crown molding, or other wood trim.

Popular Chicago Replacement Siding Options

Like windows and doors, new siding comes in a variety of styles. Some of the most popular in the Chicago area include standard vinyl siding, seamless vinyl siding, and siding options that mimic the texture and appearance of cypress, cedar, and redwood.

Contact Budget Construction Company today at 773-283-9200 for the best prices and highest quality Chicago Siding available, and see why we have been one of Chicago, IL’s top-rated home remodeling specialists since 1976.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

st. patricks day 2015

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The Fundamentals of Bathroom Design

Is your bathroom a bright and airy sanctuary, or a dull and dreary dungeon? If the later is more applicable, you likely have considered a bathroom remodeling project at one time or another. A newly remodeled bathroom with updated style choices and improvements in form and function is one of the best investments you can make in your home. While the project can be daunting, it doesn’t have to be. With a better understanding of the fundamentals of bathroom design, you’ll be in a better position to take the leap.

Here are some insights from the bathroom design professionals at Budget Construction Company that will help you better understand the key points to address when designing a new bathroom for your home:


Often, homeowners deciding to move forward with a bathroom remodeling project are doing so to improve the function of the space. A new shower system, or a whirlpool tub, is desired. Maybe more storage and counter space is needed. It’s important to get what you want out of the project in terms of functionality, and defining your functional requirements upfront will you determine what’s possible, and what adjustments to the existing layout and infrastructure are required to accommodate the improvements you desire.


Pay close attention to the existing floor plan, as it will define both the spatial and functional possibilities, and limitations. If you are sticking to the constraints of an existing space, the layout will be defined, and will help guide your choices when it comes to tubs, showers, sinks, toilets and accessories. If we are needing to modify the layout of an existing space to accommodate functional improvements, the floor plan will prove useful in guiding the demolition and construction of walls, as well as the installation of any electrical, plumbing and ventilation infrastructure that may be required to complete the project.


Infrastructure aside, it’s important that your bathroom is well lit, both from an aesthetic point of view, and to promote ease of use and safety. How much natural light will the space take in, and what areas of the require the most light? Is adding or enlarging a window an option? Where will the access points be placed? Is mood lighting an option you are considering, in which case, dimmers are needed? Simple questions seemingly, but important to consider when planning your bathroom remodeling project.


Finally, and what we tend to think of most when initiating a bathroom remodeling project, the style choices you make for the new space will finish the project, and complete the enhanced aesthetic you desire for your new bathroom. Selecting the perfect toilet, tub and shower, colors for the walls, tile for the floors, a vanity, sinks, and fixtures, all the way down to the decorations to be included, will complete the design planning required prior to beginning the construction phases of your project. With functional requirements and limitations fully defined, you will have a good guide of what can and can’t be included at this point. Working with a professional bathroom designer to get ideas, and to ensure the individual style choices you make all come together in a complimentary manner is highly recommended.

The bathroom design process is one of the most important aspects of the entire project, as we essentially are planning all of the form, function, and style details for the newly remodeled bathroom. The decisions we make during this process will dictate the construction requirements for the project, as well as the help us define the costs, and the time lines for which the project can be completed.

At Budget Construction Company, we are bathroom design and remodeling professionals. We have extensive experience consulting with and guiding clients through the bathroom design process that we have developed in-house to ensure our clients have the best possible experience, and get the possible results. For a free consultation, and to begin your bathroom remodeling project with Budget Construction Company, contact us today.

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Tips For Maintaining Granite Countertops

Thanks to a wide range of natural colors and tones, Granite is one of the most beautiful, durable stones available. Long considered a “go-to” building material in antiquity – think Egyptian pyramids and Greek sculptures – its utility has only increased in modern times, as Granite is now a highly sought after surfacing material for countless residential and commercial applications. At Budget Construction Company, we have sourced Granite slabs from all over the world since 1976, and turn each one into Granite counter tops that accentuate any home décor.

Where Do Granite Countertops Come From?

Mother Nature, of course, deserves credit for creating Granite. As a naturally occurring rock, it is sourced from quarries worldwide, but mostly from deposits in Brazil, China, India, Italy, and parts of Africa. further states that “Granite is a coarse-grained, light-colored igneous rock composed mainly of feldspars and quartz with minor amounts of mica and amphibole minerals.” The rich textures and hues found in each slab make it an ideal surfacing material, hence the demand for our expertly crafted Granite counter tops from clients all around the Greater Chicago Area.

All of our granite counter tops are custom made for each application, including kitchens, baths, or even shelving in other areas of your home or business. When our design staff talk with clients, one question we invariably receive is, “Do my counter tops need to be sealed?” The best answer is “Not necessarily,” and here is why. While granite is naturally porous, slabs sourced from different locations have various degrees of absorbency. If a sealing agent cannot penetrate the surface of your counter top, then chances are other kinds of liquid cannot, either – including acidic liquids that traditionally give stone counter tops the most trouble, such as natural juices and red wine, grease from pizza, cooking oil, and permanent markers.

How Do I Maintain the Natural Beauty of My Granite Counter Tops?

One of the best ways for a homeowner to ensure her natural stone counter tops are as beautiful as the day they were installed is to exercise common sense. Home improvement projects, whether the do-it-yourself variety or carried out by a professional, can sometimes be expensive and time consuming. Protect your investment. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Test the absorbency of your new counter top by placing a white cloth or paper towel on it and then pouring water onto it. If the cloth or paper towel has been removed but a wet spot slightly darker than the surrounding area remains, then the surface needs to be sealed.
  • If you spill a liquid – especially juice, oil, wine, or coffee – clean it up immediately.
  • Clean your counter tops using hot water and a soft cloth or sponge. Dish soap or other detergents should be avoided.
  • Remember to use coasters under cups, saucers, glasses, bowls – or anything else that holds liquids.
  • Finally, use a cutting board for food preparation.

If you have other questions about purchasing or maintaining Granite counter tops, call us today at 773-283-9200.

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