Senior Accessible Home Improvements for Any Budget

As much as we wish otherwise, people grow old, and those who loved and cared for us as children often seem to grow old faster right before our eyes. At Budget Construction Company, we have spent nearly 40 years helping Chicago, IL homeowners improve their residences to make them more accessible and comfortable for the special seniors in their lives – so let us help you help them.

Senior Friendly Homes Offer the Freedom of Mobility

While many older adults continue to live in their own homes or assisted living centers, a growing number have chosen another option – moving into a spare bedroom or even a new, purpose-built senior suite with their adult children or other family members. Many older adults will admit that a key to ongoing health and happiness is the ability to stay mobile, which is why our design and installation teams excel at transforming a home from functional to truly mobile, often with only a few improvements.

  • Regular Stairlifts are a popular choice because they are designed for people not dependent on wheelchairs, but whom still need help moving from one floor to another. Affordable and stylish, they include swivel seats that ease in transition from seat to a standing position; backup batteries; custom seat sizes; adjustable armrests; and other features.
  • Wheelchair Stairlifts are designed for seniors who are wheelchair dependent. Our design team ensures they match your décor, and offer all the benefits of Regular Stairlifts, plus a folding platform design, emergency off switch, and access to stair rails for non-wheelchair users.
  • Wheelchair Ramps are another critical component of a senior home remodeling project. At Budget Construction Company, our team works with homeowners and senior family member to decide on the best configuration possible, such as a permanent/semi-permanent ramp, or a portable model that can be used elsewhere as needed.

The Importance of Senior Friendly Bathrooms

Older adults with mobility issues nevertheless need access to a comfortable, safe, and well-appointed bathroom. Each of our designs include features such as: Wide spacing around the toilet for wheelchair or walker access, raised or wall-hung toilets, toilets with liftseats, height-specific sinks and vanities, larger showers with door-style openings and hand-held shower heads, and shower-bath combinations with fixed or mechanical seating.

Call us today at 773-283-9200 for a free estimate on how to make your home truly senior accessible for your loved one.

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