Window Installation & Window Repair Chicago with several window types…

Thermal Replacement Windows,:

When deciding on what type of windows are best for my home considering the style and durability would be my top priorities. Budget Construction Company has made a commitment to secure the elegance to create a warm, light, and friendly environment for their homeowners. They are able to accomplish this goal by not only guaranteeing the utmost energy efficient construction, but with the maximum ventilation with their thermal replacement windows. For anyone who is OCD like me and obsesses over their home looking and feeling clean can rest easy, because these windows crank out to 90 degrees for easy cleaning from the inside of the house!

Thermal Casements:

Purchasing windows for your home is a long term commitment of a decision that should not be taken lightly. In most cases, with the way our economy is nowadays; people feel the need to make a choice between style and quality for cost efficiency windows. By making the right choice to come to Budget Construction Company, their friendly employees guided me and made it simple. By staying committed to guaranteeing that their customers will never have to sacrifice style for quality. The thermal casement windows have the advanced technology that allows you to be the one to decide when you want to let in the cold and  heat throughout your home. The worse thing any home-owner wants is for their guests to feel that their home is cold and drafty.

Double Hung Windows:

For those of you who prefer a more contemporary vitality for your home, I would inquire about the double hung windows. The clean lines and crisp corners is what highlights the elegance of these types of windows. However, the most important aspect is that they provide easy functionality capabilities to be able clean in hard to reach areas and for absolute optimum ventilation by being able to crank 90 degrees. I was absolutely sold when I was notified that these type of windows come in double weather stripping, a variety of glass packages for me to choose from, and are just absolutely beautiful inside and out. No matter what the season is: whether you are decorating your home for the holidays or just simply spring cleaning and getting ready to let a nice warm breeze fill your home, the double hung windows will provide all of the above.

Bay and Bow Thermal Windows:

I have a very specific style that reflects how I carry myself. So when I invite my guests over, I want them to feel my essence throughout my home. By choosing the Bay and Bow Thermal windows, they allowed me to do exactly that! I am a Yoga Instructor, so naturally my goal is to create a peaceful, bright, and calm home environment. Now, because the beautiful frames have seating built in, I was able to have more room to create the specific feng shui I wanted in my home. What got me even more excited about the Bay & Bow Thermal windows is that I am able to customize the size and since they use furniture-grade hardwood veneer, my windows dramatically became a piece of fine furniture in my home. I am absolutely through the roof satisfied with my choice of windows for my home.

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