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Top 10 Ways to make a home Senior Friendly

Senior Friendly Homes

People value their independence. Regardless of age or agility level, people want to be able to live in and function in their own homes.  As we age, mobility can start to become an issue and in order to continue to enjoy the comfort of our own homes, changes need to be made.  Home renovations are the best way to ensure that a house is safe, easily accessible and comfortable for all of its residents.  While certain home renovations can easily be made, many renovations require the knowledge and skill of experts.  At Budget Construction Company, we pride ourselves in the ability to make homes more accessible to seniors.  Below are 10 ways that we can work with you to make your home more senior-friendly.


If an individual is wheelchair bound, uses a cane or walker, or finds it hard to climb even a couple stairs, ramps are a great home renovation option. Budget Construction Company builds a variety of ramps to fit our customers’ needs.  Whether aluminum or wood, portable or permanent fixtures, or indoor or outdoor, ramps make your home safer and more accessible.


A common problem for people using walkers or wheelchairs is that it can become more difficult to move through spaces.  Widening hallways and doors/doorways enables everyone in your home to have easy access to every area of your home.


As people age, it’s common for eyesight to begin to diminish.  It’s important to install senior-friendly light fixtures that are designed to distribute light at a higher level and are strategically placed to meet seniors’ needs.


We install non-slip flooring that helps to prevent slips and falls.  Another more simple renovation is to get rid of rugs that tend to slip and purchase rugs that grip or adhere to the floor.


There is only one easy way to ensure that a wheelchair bound person has access to all the levels of your house – stairlifts.  Budget Construction Company installs a variety of stairlifts, depending on your unique needs.  Some stairlifts are designed to accommodate the entire wheelchair, while others are designed as chairs that a person sits in.  Stairlifts are a great way to make your home safe and easily accessible.  To find out more, read our blog (LINK) on Stairlifts.


Sharp corners (like the corners of windowsills, tables, or counter tops) can be rounded to prevent further injury in the event of a fall


Budget Construction Company specializes in an array of Bathroom renovations.  We install handle bars, lower counter tops, provide easier access to faucets and light switches, and install toilets tailored to your needs.  We can also increase space in your bathroom to make room for wheelchairs and caretakers.  For more information, read or blog (LINK) on Bathroom Renovations.


It’s important to have access to all of your home’s storage areas.  Unfortunately this can become more difficult as a person ages or becomes wheelchair bound.  We can install cabinets that can easily be lowered and raised to ensure that everyone in your home has access to their belongings.


Diseases like arthritis can make it more difficult to perform simple tasks like opening doors.  Many people choose to install doorknobs that are level-style to make entering any room a breeze.

At Budget Construction Company, we specialize in Senior Friendly Home Renovations.  While a full-scale home renovation may seem like an arduous task, we can help make it easier on you.  Call us today at (773) 283-9200 to find out more our home renovation options.