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Home Interiors: Second Floors

A second floor can completely transform your home

And make it so much more spacious!

If your house needs a whole new look with lots more room, you may want to consider adding a second floor addition – The character and style of your home will take on a whole new look. The value of your home will increase greatly when an addition is added, mainly when the building process is done correctly the first time. At Budget Construction, we have the skill and knowledge to take on a project of this size.

We know that second floor additions are an engineering challenge. The goal is to build a second floor without sacrificing your home’s original style. We want to integrate the addition into your home without it feeling like a separate addition.

With solid design and team work between our staff and your ideas, we can seamlessly blend your addition into the original style. We can add additional bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen space, closet space, and more. If you’re anticipating adding a second floor to your home or creating an additional space within your home, contact us today!

Chicago Second Floor Additions

From foundation to finishing, the same Budget Construction Project Manager will be there every step of the way to make your home project run smoothly.

We will work with your budget to help turn your dream home into a reality!

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