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Wheelchair Stairlifts

At Budget Construction Company, we specialize in the installation of cost-effective products and solutions to make your home safer and more easily accessible.  Standard stairlifts and wheelchair stairlifts are just a couple of the many home mobility systems we offer to help individuals get around better in their homes.

Stairlifts are an efficient and economical way to provide wheelchair access throughout your home.  That means that a disabled or wheelchair bound person can easily access every floor level in your house.  Stairlifts can have multiple purposes- so whether an individual needs to go upstairs to the bedroom, or down into the basement, a stairlift can be the perfect solution.  Our stairlifts are tailored to fit your home and can be as long or as short as needed.  Additionally, if your stairs have a midpoint landing, we can design a curved stairlift to fit your needs.  The difference between regular stairlifts and wheelchair stairlifts are simple: standard stairlifts are designed for individuals who don’t necessarily need a wheelchair to get around, but still need help moving up and down stairs; wheelchair stairlifts accommodate the entire chair or scooter.

Some of the features offered by our standard stairlifts include:

  • Swivel Seat- Eases transition at the top of the stairs
  • Visual Diagnostics- Provide immediate status reports on the stairlift
  • Back-up Batteries- Assures the stairlift will work, even in the event of a power outage
  • Ride Stability- Our stairlifts are expertly designed to insure a smooth ride from top to bottom
  • Folding Seat- The stairlift’s arms, seat and foot rest can be flipped up to make space for other family members to use the stairs.
  • Seat Size- Seats have plenty of room and feature various height options and adjustable arm rests

Wheelchair Stairlifts :

  • With Wheelchair stairlifts, a platform is installed and is designed to lift the whole wheelchair or even a scooter.  The obvious benefit is that to change floors or enter a home, a wheelchair bound person does not need to transfer from the chair or scooter.  The most important thing to consider when preparing to install a wheelchair stairlift in your home, is space.   You will need appropriate space for whatever size lift you are using, as well as the ability for the individual to access the lift when unassisted.  Additionally, any controls will need to be easily accessed and placed in an appropriate location for safe operation.
  • Wheelchair stairlifts also come with a number of special features including:
    • Battery back-up
    • Fold-up platform
    • Railing access to non-users
    • Emergency switch
    • Protective guards and sensors – to quickly stop motion if necessary
  • No person should ever feel like they can’t access certain parts of their own homes.  Custom stairlifts by Budget Construction Company are a great way to make your entire home accessible to all of the members of your family, despite needing to use a wheelchair.  If you think that a stairlift is necessary in your home, call Budget Construction Company of Chicago today at (773) 283-9200 to speak with a member of our team about our services.