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Wheelchair Ramp Installation

Custom Ramps by Budget Construction Company

As we transition through life, our home needs transition as well. Everyday movements, like climbing stairs or getting into the shower, can begin to seem like arduous tasks. When we age or become impaired, it’s important that we not be restricted in our own homes. Budget Construction Company works with you to make sure you and your family feel at home in your home.

One of the most necessary changes people make to their home environment is the installation of ramps in areas that have become challenging to otherwise access- like stairs outside of the home. We install a variety of wheelchair ramps, which seamlessly fit into your home’s front or back entrance.

When working with Budget Construction Company, you can select the ramp that’s right for you. We build ramps in a number of different materials, allowing you to select the ramp that not only fits best with your home, but best suits your personal needs depending on your level of physical strength and mobility level.

Ramps are one of the most important things to factor in when making changes to your home to accommodate you or a loved one’s needs. They are a great solution for those seeking to maintain their independence and be able to live at home- and come and go as they please- regardless of their age or physical impairment.

How to Choose a Ramp:

Even though there are multiple types of ramps made of many different materials, selecting a ramp is simple once you are armed with some basic information.

Types of ramps

  • Permanent/Semi Permanent Ramp
    • A permanent or semi-permanent ramp is used for access to homes and buildings where the incline would require a ramp longer than six feet, or where there might be other complications with accessing the door of a building. These ramps can feature turns, platforms, as well as other special features.
  • Portable Ramp
    • Portable ramps are a multi-purpose option. They are most useful for a small rise, for access to vehicles, access to non-compliant public places, for use in multiple locations, for temporary disabilities. Portable ramps are easy to use and can easily be lifted by most people or caretakers.



Aluminum is an ideal material for any kind of ramp, as it is both strong and lightweight. It rarely requires any maintenance, and is perfect for both permanent and semi-permanent uses since it can be easily taken apart or moved to a new location. It is great for permanent or semi-permanent installations as it can be easily disassembled, moved and reinstalled in a new location. Aluminum ramps feature a special non-slip walking surface, which is extremely helpful in rain and snow.


When properly built, wood ramps are the most attractive since they can be created to match the architecture of the home or building. However, wood ramps require more maintenance than other types of ramps, and require constant maintenance to prevent rotting, warping and splintering. They cannot be removed to another location.


Steel ramps are generally more affordable than aluminum ramps, and have a higher weight capacity as well. They are more suitable for permanent use, as steel ramps are very heavy. They also can rust if not properly maintained.


Concrete ramps are the most expensive, and also the strongest and most permanent– they are a great choice for a place of business, church, community center or other public building. Concrete ramps require specialized installation and building permits. Concrete ramps are difficult to adjust or reconfigure after they are installed.

Special Feature of Ramps

  • At Budget Construction Company, we can build ramps with any number of special features including:
    • Walking Surface adjustments
    • Non Skid Treads on Wooden Ramp
    • Safety curbs
    • Landings
    • Hand Rails
    • Capacity adjustments
    • Aesthetics
  • It’s easy to see that there are a great variety of ramps suited for all types of needs. At Budget Construction Company we provide ramps to countless clients in the Chicagoland area, and we work side-by-side with them to make sure the ramps they select are best suited for their unique and individual needs. Call Budget Construction Company today at (847)647-0902 to speak with our staff and see how we can help.